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Hello everyone! I'm super happy to announce an array off changes to hispagatos, new members, new projects, new site! now based on Hugo a static web site builder under golang!(that I been falling in love more and more) and after some other minor stuff I myself started a security company, is been a long way

new members:

  • m11es
  • Thibaud
  • Trizz(was a member before back in the day but we recently got connected again)

Another very cool interesting project we have.. I always been interested and involved with malware analysis and like any curious person I like to know what OS's and devices are infected and by what.. so honeypots are the solution for that, I do not believe honeypots are a solution for all solutions but I do like the flexibelity it gives you... I can monitor in the wild what script kiddies, bots, malware and other types of attacks, I can find out for example that there are still windows XP computers out there.. and I can peek into stats and see what areas they are located at.. and much more ... ;) for a curious person this is great.. here is our LIVE ATTACK MAP based on the honeymap project and more directly involved with The Moderm Honey Network that we use, and we have added some other features to it.

I personally are moderating HackBloc" on reddit and some other interesting groups, come join us!

And for the last part, I been doing freelancing here and there, mostly during 2012-2014 it was fun! very scary, no healthcare, and lots of taxes.. but I really enjoyed it, so I recently decided to go LLC so started Stealthy-CyberSecurity LLC the site is not yet even 15% done, is mostly fillings as of April 4th.

Another project we trying to init, is the DefCon415 group, and you can chat with us at chat.binaryfreedom.info ask for an invite, this is still a long shot, mostly because it does not depends only on us but other people to help and contribute... but I will be updating the blog more from now on.

and for the very last point, I want to salute my good friends Pedro, from Alicante. Josh, from Boston, Luis from Boston I miss you guys and all the real underground hacking scene out there and the real anarcho-hackers and cyberpunks

Fernandez Christian. aka ReK2/ReK2WildS/ReK2GnuLInux BBK,Hispagatos,Binaryfreedom,…..?

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