Mayday 2018 CyberSpace Struggles

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Mayday 2018 - Thoughts - CyberSpace and technology struggles

Mayday 2018 - Thoughts - CyberSpace and technology struggles

Hola and hello to all compañeros, This year May Day was very special for some of us in the cyber arena, lot of certain things had been prepare and organized between affinity groups that were able to work on diff fronts towards our goals.

We had very fruitful conversations as well in the middle of all.

One of the topics that came out of this Mayday among many of us doing mayday work was that how is possible that some compas, will never eat in McDonals or buy Nike shoes because of moral and personal choice, but then have no problem at all to use, OSX/Apple products/Microsoft software and such you get the idea…(note: I am not saying we all should not eat on certain places or buy certain things, to each their own way of fighting is just to make a point)

I think some of the work we can do in between direct action “get together” is to create awareness with facts and data, we came to the conclusion that we are passionate people, full of heart towards moving forward to create a new world, so there has to many an array of issues why people passionate like us, are not following our footsteps when it comes to technology ethics and revolutionary thoughts..

Some ideas that were mention:

  • New school of anarchism theory and resistance tools in the works focused on technology, and people tend to stick to classic and what is known
  • Hacking is not for everyone, true. But that does not mean you can’t try to step by step move to open technologies that other compas have build.
  • Most compas have not been really been brief about the evil side of technology when used by the same people they fight on the streets, they push aside the superficial notion of the “open source bro’s” and step aside thinking is just a bunch of liberals playing green peace so do not see the revolutionary and radical aspects out of it all.
  • lack of understanding, compas need literature and videos in form they can understand and counter the soft/liberal information out there that strips revolutionary though out of the hacker culture and what came out of it like free software, crypto and such.

Well I’m sure I am missing more point’s people were writing to fast in IRC n between the actions and logistics and only wrote this ones down, pls feel free to do a pull request with additions and more ideas.

Overall I think one way to keep this momentum of Anarchist hackers moving forward and a chance for non-hacker types to join and help is with the creation of literature/videos and my personal idea a ezine that can be printed, and such with the aim to inform our compas and of course anyone can read it but will be aim on already revolutionaries of some sort.

Want to help? pls join us on i2p on the public IRC, channels

  • #hispagatos (mostly Spanish)
  • #anarchism
  • #antifa

Serious hacking a(A)a from Hispagatos ReK2

here is again the mini-documentary by a(A)a

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