what you need:

Step 1 burn the downloaded blackarch GNU/Linux live ISO into the generic USB stick or CD/DVD, this will create a live cd/usb for you to boot into.

Step 2 Go to your laptop or desktop and boot into the BlackArch GNU/Linux live cd. Step 3 When booted log in with username root and password blackarch right click on the desktop for a menu, find “terminals” and open one. Step 4

Connect your USB 3.x stick into your desktop or laptop, make sure it detects it and write down the device name.


for the lastest version of blackarch-install, you can configure the network, that is out of scope but most likely a simple dhcp command will do. then:

sudo pacman -S blackarch-install-scripts

now lets start the instalation:

sudo blackarch-install

note: if you running this on virtualbox later on, you prob have to run “VBoxClient-all && xrandr –output VGA-0 –auto” so the resolution auto changes when incrementing the window size. note: more to be added, contact me for suggestions. handle = [rek2,rek2wilds,rek2gnulinux]; channel("#blackarch") on @freenode