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Yes finally our first episode is out

I am happy to announce that our first episode and website are live and kicking!

Do not expect a master piece, is our first podcast and we had lot of issues and we learn a lot.. and im am sure still more to learn :)

Primer Episodio (versión chapuza) de Hackerñol. Especial sobre la prestigiosa conferencia hacker en NY llamada HOPE

Con entrevistas a:

Desgraciadamente las entrevistas están en Inglés, pero estamos buscando alguien que nos haga la traducción. Y perdonar por la calidad tan baja, pero estamos empezando… poco a poco.. y no dudéis en dar consejos y demás ya que eso nos animará a seguir haciendo el programa cada dos semanas y mejorar la calidad

Musica gracias a DualCore Twitter de Dualcore: @dualcoremusic
Nuestra pagina web HACKERñOL

Nuestras comunidades desde donde sale este programa:

Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK

Chat with TOR access

After asking the collective and our community we had an agreement to open TOR access to our hispagatos/binaryfreedom chat rooms”>hispagatos/binaryfreedom [invite only]. Mattermost is a Free Software clone of Slack we do not want to use Slack because is closed source, instead we rather use Libre Software

Hope this is useful!

Also compañeros remember joining our chat is invite only!!!

En la lucha

Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK

new videocast in spanish

Here at Hispagatos, thibaud and rek2 decided to start a new project, we notice there is a lack off hacking and underground videocast in our Hispanic communities all around the world. We decided to pick up the lack of it and start a test proect see how it goes.. since we both very new at video editing and podcasting.

Stay tunned for more news regarding this subjet and a link to our first videos.

Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK

Our new adventure and projects

Hello everyone! I'm super happy to announce an array off changes to hispagatos, new members, new projects, new site! now based on Hugo a static web site builder under golang!(that I been falling in love more and more) and after some other minor stuff I myself started a security company, is been a long way

new members:

  • m11es
  • Thibaud
  • Trizz(was a member before back in the day but we recently got connected again)

Another very cool interesting project we have.. I always been interested and involved with malware analysis and like any curious person I like to know what OS's and devices are infected and by what.. so honeypots are the solution for that, I do not believe honeypots are a solution for all solutions but I do like the flexibelity it gives you... I can monitor in the wild what script kiddies, bots, malware and other types of attacks, I can find out for example that there are still windows XP computers out there.. and I can peek into stats and see what areas they are located at.. and much more ... ;) for a curious person this is great.. here is our LIVE ATTACK MAP based on the honeymap project and more directly involved with The Moderm Honey Network that we use, and we have added some other features to it.

I personally are moderating HackBloc" on reddit and some other interesting groups, come join us!

And for the last part, I been doing freelancing here and there, mostly during 2012-2014 it was fun! very scary, no healthcare, and lots of taxes.. but I really enjoyed it, so I recently decided to go LLC so started Stealthy-CyberSecurity LLC the site is not yet even 15% done, is mostly fillings as of April 4th.

Another project we trying to init, is the DefCon415 group, and you can chat with us at chat.binaryfreedom.info ask for an invite, this is still a long shot, mostly because it does not depends only on us but other people to help and contribute... but I will be updating the blog more from now on.

and for the very last point, I want to salute my good friends Pedro, from Alicante. Josh, from Boston, Luis from Boston I miss you guys and all the real underground hacking scene out there and the real anarcho-hackers and cyberpunks

Fernandez Christian. aka ReK2/ReK2WildS/ReK2GnuLInux BBK,Hispagatos,Binaryfreedom,…..?

Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK

BlackArch full install on a usb 3.0

what you need:

  • one usb 3.0 stick with at least 100G to be able to install all your tools and personal scripts
  • another usb any type or DVD/CD, this is for the install
  • laptop or desktop computer
  • latest blackarch live cd iso file HERE

Why? I do pentesting and linux forensics, I need always a couple USB drives with clean and secure usb sticks with me. why USB 3? well, the speed of course, you wont even notice you are working from a usb. you could tecnically do this on a usb 2.x but be ready to have a slow system.

Step 1 burn the downloaded blackarch GNU/Linux live ISO into the generic USB stick or CD/DVD, this will create a live cd/usb for you to boot into.

sudo dd bs=512M if=file.iso of=/dev/sdX

change X for the target drive, usb or cd/dvd letter, example /dev/sdd Step 2 Go to your laptop or desktop and boot into the BlackArch GNU/Linux live cd.
Step 3 When booted log in with username root and password blackarch right click on the desktop for a menu, find "terminals" and open one.
Step 4 Connect your USB 3.x stick into your desktop or laptop, make sure it detects it and write down the device name. dmsg

make sure you do write down the device name, if not you could delete the local HD instead of writing to the USB!!!

for the lastest version of blackarch-install, you can configure the network, that is out of scope but most likely a simple dhcp command will do. then: sudo pacman -S blackarch-install-scripts

now lets start the instalation: sudo blackarch-install

from here on you can just follow the instructions on the blackarch website, when it ask for what device to do the instalation to, enter the USB 3.x stick device, for example /dev/sdb

Just follow the instalation instructions HEREthey are very easy, just make sure you install to the right device!!

note: if you running this on virtualbox later on, you prob have to run “VBoxClient-all && xrandr –output VGA-0 –auto” so the resolution auto changes when incrementing the window size. note: more to be added, contact me for suggestions. handle = [rek2,rek2wilds,rek2gnulinux]; channel(“#blackarch”) on @freenode

Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK

our Site is back

Yes, sorry we were out for 2-3 months, run out of $$$ to renew the domain. But we are back now. Shortly, we will upload our new projects and other things related to our ideals.

Don’t foget to visit daily news and hot topics at BinaryFreedom.


Author image Fernandez Christian aka ReK2WiLdS from BBK