We just finished migrating this blog from gitlab to source hug pages Also! very excited to announce we have gemini and https under the Same domain finally! so: => gemini://hispagatos.org


  • We know Drew Devault, is a firm proponent of free software and open standards,
  • he is a unix hacker and a great systems engineer among other things
  • we agree in a lot of stuff from him when it comes to free software and hacking culture
  • Sourcehut uses no shit tech like javascript and all that crap
  • we like to support people who writes good free software, like aerc, sway and others.
  • sourcehut supports both http and gemini, as of now we had two diff servers one at gitlab for http and one local for gemini, now we can have both on a single hugo build.
  • Sourcehut pages with their automatization tools are awesome!
  • Happy Hacking!
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  • ReK2