35c3 Hispagatos Report back!

At hispagatos we were planning to attend one more year for what us is considered the best and still the truest hacker conference in the planet of that size, and years running. With only HOPE in NY behind it.

We organized with many other affinity groups under a common name called 1KOMONA in honor of left wing news paper building that the CCC Chaos Computer Club was formed under.

The CCC was founded in Berlin on 12 September 1981 at a table which had previously belonged to the Kommune 1 in the rooms of the newspaper Die Tageszeitung by Wau Holland and others in anticipation of the prominent role that information technology would play in the way people live and communicatei

Komona is becoming an international collective of affinity collectives involved with the core ideas of changing the world with technology, hacking, social justice, music, dancing and art. You can visit our main site

Komona Picture

This are some of the collectives that were involved.

Hispagatos - International Anarchist Hackers
NoLog.cz IT kolektiv
Organ tempel
RCC Office
Reclaim Club Culture

The Assembly of Komona at the CCC events site where you can see our collectives of activists, freedom fighters, anarchists and anarchist hackers, that had collaborative, informational and hands on events, with daily assembly’s called: PL(A)NUM:


Anarchist hacker graffity

Komona Banner

Our Assembly official post:


Our photo album site

You can find more pictures at our public Photo site, note that most pics are done very late, before and after the event to respect privacy of our comrades, but reading the banners and graffiti you can get an idea.

You will be able to find pictures of other events we participated, and random parties and hacker get together.

Our Hackerñol recap video in Spanish!

Here is a 30m video of our recap in Spanish in our underground anarchist hacker video show on our peertube node

  • The black bloc area

Anarchist Hackers at 35c3

Happy Hacking, Hack the System and keep on dreaming! a(A)a <3

ReK2 VideoShow Pictures