34 Chaos Communication Congress

Some members of the hispagatos collective will be this year talking to old compas, new friends and future collaboratos and organizing having fun with other anarchist hackers at the CCC, prob the last real long going hacker conference after HOPE in NY that keeps it real.

We like to invite all other hackers, activists or anarchist-hackers or whatever you feel you like, to join us.

You can find us here:

Come to our Matrix channel #hispagatos on matrix or the Anarchist hacker channel for the event here:

Of course we are in i2p IRC Channels #anarchism #hispagatos #latino-i2p

For while on the conference days, prob the best way to contact us is with keybase chat add this one:

We will be doing interviews for our hacker show and planning actions with our compas.

for more info: come to this blog or visit our reddit forums

Our Mastodon server:

Our Matrix server:


Hack the system a(A)a