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XMPP Jabber Profanity secure password with Pass
I been using Profanity for all my secure XMPP conversations, is like weechat/Irssi client for Jabber/XMPP. I think is a great hacker tool to add to your GNU/Linux-fu magic since you can use it on so many non-intended ways but that is not the aim of this short how to. For Profanity documentation go here For Pass documentation go here OK so let’s go. So what I am going to show you is how to secure your password so is not on plain text, and if you are using a tiling window manager like Sway with Wayland etc where we have no password graphical key chains.


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35c3 Hispagatos Report back! At hispagatos we were planning to attend one more year for what us is considered the best and still the truest hacker conference in the planet of that size, and years running. With only HOPE in NY behind it. We organized with many other affinity groups under a common name called 1KOMONA in honor of left wing news paper building that the CCC Chaos Computer Club was formed under.

Neomutt Gpg Howto Traduccion

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NeoMutt GNUPG y Pass
NEOMUTT, GNUPG y Pass Vamos a instalar neomutt una consola moderna y cliente configurable imap/pop3/smtp. Vamos a usar GNUPG para descifrar y encriptar. Vamos a usar el Pasa para guardar la contraseña de neomutt. Guia NeoMutt Documentación GNUpg Documentación Pass Bien, ensuciémonos las manos. Instalación Estoy usando BlackArch BlackArch GNU/Linux con yay pero ustedes pueden usar pacman yay -S neomutt yay -S gnupg yay -S pass mkdir ~/.

Neomutt GNUpg and Pass Howto

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NeoMutt, GNUPG and Pass
NEOMUTT, GNUPG and Pass We are going to install neomutt a modern and configurable console imap/pop3/smtp client. We going to use GNUPG for decryption and encryption We going to be using Pass to store neomutt password NeoMutt guide GNUpg Documentation Pass Documentation OK so let’s get our hands dirty. Installation I am using BlackArch GNU/Linux with yay but you can use pacman yay -S neomutt yay -S gnupg yay -S pass mkdir ~/.

Hope 2018

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Anarchist Hackers at HOPE 2018
Hispagatos and other Anarchist Hackers at HOPE XII 2018 Well well well… This year Hope was very interesting for many things First Anarchist Hacker Village in a US hackerCon Alt-Right, Fascist at the conference Very interesting talks like usual but this time, seemed more old school hacker ethics, Anarchism, social justice types First of all, We will want to thank Mitch Altman from the Anarchist hacker space Noisebridge.

Simple I2pd

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Hispagatos To Public I2p IRC
HISPAGATOS TO I2P Migration - back to the roots Now a days in just minutes, you will be using i2p is very easy, better routers for example i2pd instead of the bloated, old and annoying java router. I am just going to enumerate the steps to get you into the Public IRC server, not our private IRC server nor our private .i2p sites. If you are a good hacker you will not get enought of this steps, and actually read the original documentation and learn how to do everything, understand everything and then play with everything… (A)

Hackerñol 00001101

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Anarchist HAckers a(A)a Hackerñol Episodio 00001101
Video esta en dos partes de una hora cada una.. esto es primera parte mirate luego la segunda parte! - Intro - Estudio nuevo - cambio de apartamento/mudanza/zona enemiga - dar apoyo a nuestras compas anarca feministas y anarca hackers femeninas Buenas protestas en espana y latino america. - ya me acorde del nombre de la conferencia en Espana, hackmeeting - Memcached - DDOS - - GeekSqua y FBI en la cama https://www.

Hackerñol 00001100

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Hola compas! otra sedicion de Hackerñol ya el episodio 00001100, y ya dejando youtube atras para siempre!! Putos capitalistas y ladrodes.. Topicos: - 34c3, – Cultura – 1Komona, – Gente – Hackers Anarquistas – Accion Directa fisica y en la red Ingles Ingles – Cruz Negra Anarquista en la CCC – fotos en - Entrevista a KopeK

Anarchist Hackers

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Anarchist Hackers, a call to all anarchists
Next step on Anarchist tacticts, Anarchist hackers! en Español - this is wrote by a Spanish spoken person. Please ignore grammar issues, or submit fixes. GRACIAS There was a time of peacefull anarchism, and participant on the first international, There was a time for a peace, but that changed… there is no time for peace when the state and capitalism murders humanity and converts it into robots and a product of consumerism.


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Anarchist Hackers on CCC 2017
34 Chaos Communication Congress Some members of the hispagatos collective will be this year talking to old compas, new friends and future collaboratos and organizing having fun with other anarchist hackers at the CCC, prob the last real long going hacker conference after HOPE in NY that keeps it real. We like to invite all other hackers, activists or anarchist-hackers or whatever you feel you like, to join us.

Guerrilla ISP CommunalInternetGateways

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Guerrilla ISP/Communal Internet gateways
Guerrilla ISP/Communal Internet gateways Hello/Hola Compañeros, Activistas, activists, hacktivists, cypher and cyber punks, comrades, freedom fighters, anarquistas, anarchists, social justice hackers, free software advocates and other dreamers of a decentralized, free, libre universe including CyberSpace First of all, you all know by know my English sucks :) so bare with me… thanks you amig@s. I was talking to some compas on i2p and on other of our channels of anti-social communications, antisocial because it seems we like the places nobody else likes.